1. AGREE. Asking one hundred college juniors in NY in the eighties, who are all in the same school, is an astonishing grounds to be so bold as to claim “83.5% of men”. I know a hundred dudes, I could just as easily ask them and get opposite results.

    The violent act of psychopaths who use their penises as weapons should not, under any circumstances, be described as an act common to an entire gender. It’s a disgusting and myopic assertion. 1 in 3 women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime, and this doesn’t occur in a vacuum. As I said earlier, at it’s basest level, men are often put in a position of emotional support for women who have experienced this specific form of violence (I’ll leave that as the simplest summarization).

    Using these rash generalizations puts people of an entire gender into the position of apologizing for shit they have never and will never do. It puts them on the opposite side of a fence, removing their agency.

    Men are allowed to be angry that rape happens, too. Having a penis doesn’t make you a rapist. Being a depraved piece of shit makes you a rapist. It’s important to stop making it a female problem so that we can all address this as human beings and work together to remove all the pervasive social beliefs that allow this to happen.

    Thanks for finding that,  sorry for indulging in more angry ranting. Also, surprising you went on anon even though you did the legwork <3

    (this is all in reference to this

    ps- made rebloggable in case

    pps- all of this just reminds me of an argument I once had with a conservative who was convinced no one was gay in Africa because it ‘hadn’t occurred to them yet’. he cited a study done in the 60’s, and promptly showed me how legit it was.

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